• MONTHLY DROP - Limited edition
  • Sleek yet bold, pocket sized, multi purpose friction folder knife
  • Perfect cut thanks to the praised 14C28N stainless steel blade
  • Jump into the black hole: Only 10 pieces!

The year is 2077, between the neon lights and the Skyscrapers of Night City, smoke emerges from a dark alley. But not any smoke...
Cloaked in a trench coat, a cigar in his mouth, an enigmatic aficionado strides through, holding in his hands a priceless treasure. Some of the last Premium cigars on Earth...

He’s a living paradox in this dystopic time, where authenticity doesn't exist anymore. Each puff of cigar he takes is a tribute to the simple pleasures of the past.
To him, the cigar smell feels like a throwback to a time when indulgence was simple. And he’s not the only one in this state of mind.

He spends his days trading his last cigars to the rare trusty aficionados he met along the way. They know that they hold not just a cigar but a smoking ember of resistance.

They're the last guardians of a centuries-old tradition, but for how much longer..?

Join the resistance, and secure this very special LE PETIT, the second Limited Edition (10) of the MONTHLY DROP by LES FINES LAMES.


Material: Painted wood
Maximum ring diameter: 70 mm
Steel: Numbered 14C28N stainless steel
Blade length: 65mm
Closed length: 115mm
Total length: 157mm
Weight: 120g

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The box includes your LE PETIT cutter, instructions of use, warranty card, stickers and a little hex key tool to change the blade or to maintain the friction of your knife just like you want it.


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