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You asked. We answered.

First we would ask you to say it out loud and have a little smile (sorry). The answer we then always give is: do not pronounce the “s” and try to say it like that [ Lé Fin Lam ].

Yes. We can say we have the sharpest cut currently on the market. Our product has been tested by more than 25,000 customers. Without giving a lecture on 600 years of knife-making, a clean straight cut depends on both the height of the bevel and the scissor effect. Definitely not the numbers of blades, cigars are not beards.

We've delivered to the most unlikely places. From the Pacific Islands to the mountains of India. Our partner DHL EXPRESS delivers to almost every country in the world. If you're lucky, you could even benefit from free shipping! So don't hesitate to order, you’ll soon receive the yellow parcel. See you soon!

First of all, it is suitable for right and left handed people. 60 seconds is enough for them to master the art of the straight cut. Key is to ALWAYS place your cigar facing the Les Fines Lames logo, on the flat side of the blade. Never cut it on the other side (beveled), you will not get a straight cut. Pro tip: once the blade touches the wrapper, apply very slight pressure to the cigar towards the blade. You wanna see it, check the instructions with photos!

Chose the Punch Bracelet!Why? Because no security checks would take your bracelet off. For reasons beyond our control, it’s legally forbidden to travel with a single or double blade cutter in your carry-on baggage, or on yourself. But you can put your cigar knife in the checked baggage wherever you go on this planet. And don't forget to remove your torch lighter!