LE PETIT – Attack of the Giant Cigar Beetle

  • MONTHLY DROP - Limited edition
  • Sleek yet bold, pocket sized, multi purpose friction folder knife
  • Perfect cut thanks to the praised 14C28N stainless steel blade
  • Be quick or be dead : Only 10 pieces !

    For the spookiest month of the year, let's re-introduce the « MONTHLY DROP by LES FINES LAMES », with the kind of drops only Les Fines Lames could do!

     - Being offered a glass top Cohiba box bought in Cancun?

    - Having your partner find out how much you spend on cigars?
    - Seeing your entire collection ravaged by the most terrifying hungry for tobacco leaves beast imaginable?

    Yes! That last one sounds nasty.

    Seeing a collection you spent years building being eaten by tiny cigar beetles is something we would not even wish to our worst enemy.

    But what if these beetles were giant and had bigger intentions? Attacking cigar plantations, barns and warehouses all over the world, causing a worldwide extinction of cigars (not to be confused with current shortage)...

    A real nightmare for all aficionados.


Material: Painted wood
Maximum ring diameter: 70 mm
Steel: Numbered 14C28N stainless steel
Blade length: 65mm
Closed length: 115mm
Total length: 157mm
Weight: 120g

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The box includes your LE PETIT cutter, instructions of use, warranty card, stickers and a little hex key tool to change the blade or to maintain the friction of your knife just like you want it.


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