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Quai D'Orsay

Quai D'Orsay x Les Fines Lames


The scene takes place on the Place de la Concorde, in the historic Hôtel de la Marine, right in front of the Eiffel Tower. Is it possible to make a more French scene than this one? Yes, it can. Add to that the launch of the most French of Cuban brands presenting the new Quai d'Orsay No.52. And suddenly that French "je ne sais quoi" takes over.


Organized by Coprova - French distributor of Habanos - this dinner brought together very special guests to celebrate Quai D'Orsay in great company, such as the president of Habanos himself, Luis Sánchez-Harguindey Pardo de Vera, marketing director Rodrigo Gonzáles Jiménez and Cuba's ambassador to France, Otto Vaillant Frías. Habanos distributors from the UK, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Croatia, and Sweden were also present.

Good news for our readers living in these countries, the Quai D'Orsay n°52 will soon be near you and this cigar is an absolute delight. Of course, the best aficionados and retailers of Paris would never have missed this Cuban night and completed the assembly.

But the highlight of the show was undoubtedly the presence of Gilbert Belaubre, 93 years old. His name may not ring a bell to you, but he initiated the Quai D'Orsay brand, back in 1972, when he was working at Seita, the main tobacco manufacturer in France.  



Les Fines Lames honored  

Les Fines Lames was largely honored during the night, being the only brand present. We offered to the 150 aficionados present a special Tiger Eye Punch Bracelet with a Quai D'Orsay charm attached - a special order from Habanos. A bracelet that perfectly matches the colors of this new cigar.

We personally always enjoy seeing our bracelet on so many hands and it’s always a pleasure to meet new cigar lovers along the way. We personally thank Antoine Bathie and Enrique Babot Espinosa - co-directors of Coprova - for their constant support and genuine interest in our ideas and ambitions.
Quick story of Quai D’Orsay  
In the early 1970s, French minister Valéry Giscard d'Estaing wanted a cigar that "helps our diplomats export French prestige" because "France shines all over the world with its perfume, champagne and haute couture, but it has nothing in tobacco".

Gilbert Belaubre thought that the best way to make high quality cigars was simply to let the Cubans do it. A very wise choice. Receiving a request to make cigars for a third exclusive party was a first for Habanos!

It so happened that the headquarters of Seita was located at 53 Quai D'Orsay, while the ministry was at 37. A consensus was formed around this name and on February 23, 1972, the brand Quai d'Orsay was officially registered.

If you want to know everything about Quai D’Orsay, we highly recommend you the historical and insightful book. “The Habano à la française” by Antoine Bathie.