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Villa Casdagli x Les Fines Lames


The collaborations between Casdagli and Les Fines Lames are truly important to us, for many reasons.

First of all, Jeremy Casdagli is one of the most interesting people around, a brilliant mind, driven by a burning passion for cigars, but not only that. Having a real connection and a shared philosophy with our collaborators is paramount to us. Casdagli is the perfect example of this motto we live by.

Secondly, the luxury and elegance of Casdagli’s designs have always made us admire them. Featuring the unique design of the Villa Casdagli Collection, LE PETIT does look good, so good that one version was not enough!

Finally, we share the same value for tradition. The Casdagli family has been doing business in Europe since the 1800’s, notably transporting tobacco across the continent. If you look through the Casdagli cigar collection, you will find fascinating references to the family history.
On our side, our cigar cutter is made in Thiers, a town that has been making knives for more than 600 years, notably for the Royal family in the 18th century. A city that has always been cited as an example for the know-how of its craftsmen and the rarely equalled quality of its production.

From this beautiful union between our brands, 99 PUNCH BRACELETS have been specially created, with Casdagli’s design, as you can see below. PUNCH BRACELET – VILLA CASDAGLI EYE, with 2 mystical eyes of Nazar watching over us, ushering in a tide of boundless good fortune and happiness. Accompanied by striking 8mm malachite beads and a silver charm representing the special relationship formed over the years. 

For us, it is a natural match of two brands. Both, LES FINES LAMES and Casdagli Cigars source originality from the same values – luxury, elegance and tradition. We cherish the top quality craftsmanship and believe that good things are hard to come by. We are exhilarated by the partnership and thankful for the trust,” says Jeremy Casdagli, the Founder and Co-Owner of Casdagli Cigars


Our collaboration has enabled Villa Casdagli to create THREE LE PETIT, with Casdagli’s design, as you can see below. The LE PETIT Villa Casdagli I, the LE PETIT Villa Casdagli II and the Peacock, a set of luminous and colourful accessories accompanying the launch of the new line of Casdagli Cigars “Villa Casdagli”