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CSWC x Les Fines Lames : Cigar Smoking World Championship


“Is CSWC the craziest challenge in the cigar world?”For us at Les Fines Lames, the answer is yes, definitely yes.  

If you like to take your sweet time to enjoy your cigar and it sometimes take you more than 3 hours to smoke it, you should definitely represent your country at the CSWC qualification!

Founded 12 years ago in Split, Croatia, by our good friend Marko Bilić from Club Mareva, the CSWC is a global competition in the "slow smoking" of cigars. But not only. 

"The Cigar Smoking World Championship is much more than just a competition. It is the perfect tool to wake up so many emotions in every cigar enthusiast through the medium of friendly competition." said Marko Bilić, the organizer and creator of the global event.

The main rule is simple: finish your CSWC cigar last, without dropping the ash within the first 40 minutes or burning the band as you approach the end. Do this and you win the competition. Through more than 50 qualification events, hundreds of aficionados compete each year in 40 countries to win a place to the CSWC finale, in Split, Croatia.

As long-time partner of the competition, LES FINES LAMES is offering Special CSWC Editions of LE PETIT in Red to all the qualification winners, and a very special blue version made exclusively for the winner! Of course, we also offer to participants and organizers other iconic Les Fines Lames products like the black hat or the Punch Bracelets.