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Coasters Flavor Wheel (50)

kIdentify and distinguish the different flavors present in your cigars with the Flavor Wheel by Les Fines Lames, and of course, place your glass on it afterwards! 

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Based on 504 reviews
Qualification Event Prizes
Dmitry Nokhrin
It is a great pleasure and honor to have such sponsor!

Organizing a CSWC tournament is not possible without worthy prizes and Les Fines Lames cigar accessories are of the highest quality! It is a great luck to have LFL as a sponsor since its presence motivates participants and raises the prestige of the event. The set of prizes is amazing! Delivery was also organized at the highest level and in the shortest possible time. We always additionally draw the attention of the participants of our events to the contribution that LFL makes to all the cigar community! Our hearties gratitude!

Cigar Stand - Tan
Riste Babunski

Perfect fitting, easy cutting just perfect

Erich Marintschak
Le Tag T135 Black

Wow... A fantastic new sharp Cutter... Always with you... Camouflaged under your shirt...

LE PETIT - Rum Barrel
Christopher Di Filippo
Rum Barrel Knife

It’s sharp and cuts my cigars clean. The finish on the blade is beautiful. Better than the pics on the website.

Magnifique, une coupe parfaite !

Vraiment un couteau de grande qualité,une finition magnifique, la lame est aiguisée comme un rasoir ! La coupe du cigare est parfaite ( j’ai 5 autres coupe cigare ,et de grandes marques mais c est ce couteau les fines lames qui a la plus belle coupe )
Si vous aimez les belles choses faites vous plaisir !

Shawn McCartney

I've had this for a few weeks and can say it's a great cutter. Also the look is classic not everyone has seen them and asks where did I get it, I Happily say Hogshead Cigar Shop inFredericksburg VA

LE PETIT - Padauk
Anthony Cutilletta
Le Petite - Padauk

Beautiful. Extremely well crafted. Finely designed. Functionally superb!

As described

Folds up very slim, solid when in use, as described and shown on website.

Leather Sheath

Excellent quality; I highly suggest that you get one with your cutter. The cutter fits perfectly inside.

I truly love the tools that I've ordered and received from Les Fines Lames!

LE PETIT - Brass Skulls
Jiri Kovarik
Amazing handy tool

Sharp as hell, multi functional, elegant/cool. Works perfectly even on large vitolas 👍🏻

Excellent cutter

This has become my favorite cutter. Not only is it an excellent cigar cutter, it is also a nice knife. I also appreciate that I can sharpen it myself. I highly recommend it.

Best cigar cutter I've ever had

Love mine it the best cutter I've used, I have used anything else since I got mine. It very shape and cuts very clean. I suggest them to everyone I know.


Coupe-cigare parfait, très bien fait, No1!

Object de collection

Très beaux couteaux, bien fait, tranchant… Bref, parfait!

My personalized LE PETIT

The Best Cigar Cutter 4ever... I Loved that..

The perfect cutter

The blade is razor-sharp and cuts off the cap of a cigar with precision every time. The knife is elegant and beautifully crafted. Parfait !

Bon produit et qualité de service

1ère commande et la satisfaction était au rendez-vous : Merci ! livraison rapide et suivi avec les bonnes informations. Les produits reçus sont de bonne qualité : pleinement satisfait de ma commande.
Merci à vous.

Great bracelet - definitely recommend

Beautiful looking bracelet,looks even better in real than on photos!
Very practical and convenient punch cutter on the go.

Quality product. Great custom engraving

Awesome knife

Wonderful craftsmanship. Highly functional. Beautiful piece!!

Leather Sheath - Black
Abdulnasir Altayyr

Nice pouch

LE PETIT - Bourbon Barrel
Jean-François Levesque

Coupe cigare de grande qualité, belle coupe net sans briser la cape du cigare!! Très bon service et envois de colis rapide! Ce fût un plaisir de faire affaire avec vous


One of a kind

Fantastic tool. This is the second that I've purchased. Along with the punch bracelets, I have the tools that I need to enjoy my smokes. Les Fines Lames is a great organization!