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Quai D'Orsay x Les Fines Lames


The scene takes place on the Place de la Concorde, in the historic Hôtel de la Marine, right in front of the Eiffel Tower. Is it possible to make a more French scene than this one? Yes, it can. Add to that the launch of the most French of Cuban brands presenting the new Quai d'Orsay No.52. And suddenly that French "je ne sais quoi" takes over.


Organized by Coprova - French distributor of Habanos - this dinner brought together very special guests to celebrate Quai D'Orsay in great company, such as the president of Habanos himself, Luis Sánchez-Harguindey Pardo de Vera, marketing director Rodrigo Gonzáles Jiménez and Cuba's ambassador to France, Otto Vaillant Frías. Habanos distributors from the UK, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Croatia, and Sweden were also present.

Good news for our readers living in these countries, the Quai D'Orsay n°52 will soon be near you and this cigar is an absolute delight. Of course, the best aficionados and retailers of Paris would never have missed this Cuban night and completed the assembly.

But the highlight of the show was undoubtedly the presence of Gilbert Belaubre, 93 years old. His name may not ring a bell to you, but he initiated the Quai D'Orsay brand, back in 1972, when he was working at Seita, the main tobacco manufacturer in France.  



Les Fines Lames honored  

Les Fines Lames was largely honored during the night, being the only brand present. We offered to the 150 aficionados present a special Tiger Eye Punch Bracelet with a Quai D'Orsay charm attached - a special order from Habanos. A bracelet that perfectly matches the colors of this new cigar.

We personally always enjoy seeing our bracelet on so many hands and it’s always a pleasure to meet new cigar lovers along the way. We personally thank Antoine Bathie and Enrique Babot Espinosa - co-directors of Coprova - for their constant support and genuine interest in our ideas and ambitions.
Quick story of Quai D’Orsay  
In the early 1970s, French minister Valéry Giscard d'Estaing wanted a cigar that "helps our diplomats export French prestige" because "France shines all over the world with its perfume, champagne and haute couture, but it has nothing in tobacco".

Gilbert Belaubre thought that the best way to make high quality cigars was simply to let the Cubans do it. A very wise choice. Receiving a request to make cigars for a third exclusive party was a first for Habanos!

It so happened that the headquarters of Seita was located at 53 Quai D'Orsay, while the ministry was at 37. A consensus was formed around this name and on February 23, 1972, the brand Quai d'Orsay was officially registered.

If you want to know everything about Quai D’Orsay, we highly recommend you the historical and insightful book. “The Habano à la française” by Antoine Bathie. 

Villa Casdagli x Les Fines Lames


The collaborations between Casdagli and Les Fines Lames are truly important to us, for many reasons.

First of all, Jeremy Casdagli is one of the most interesting people around, a brilliant mind, driven by a burning passion for cigars, but not only that. Having a real connection and a shared philosophy with our collaborators is paramount to us. Casdagli is the perfect example of this motto we live by.

Secondly, the luxury and elegance of Casdagli’s designs have always made us admire them. Featuring the unique design of the Villa Casdagli Collection, LE PETIT does look good, so good that one version was not enough!

Finally, we share the same value for tradition. The Casdagli family has been doing business in Europe since the 1800’s, notably transporting tobacco across the continent. If you look through the Casdagli cigar collection, you will find fascinating references to the family history.
On our side, our cigar cutter is made in Thiers, a town that has been making knives for more than 600 years, notably for the Royal family in the 18th century. A city that has always been cited as an example for the know-how of its craftsmen and the rarely equalled quality of its production.

From this beautiful union between our brands, 99 PUNCH BRACELETS have been specially created, with Casdagli’s design, as you can see below. PUNCH BRACELET – VILLA CASDAGLI EYE, with 2 mystical eyes of Nazar watching over us, ushering in a tide of boundless good fortune and happiness. Accompanied by striking 8mm malachite beads and a silver charm representing the special relationship formed over the years. 

For us, it is a natural match of two brands. Both, LES FINES LAMES and Casdagli Cigars source originality from the same values – luxury, elegance and tradition. We cherish the top quality craftsmanship and believe that good things are hard to come by. We are exhilarated by the partnership and thankful for the trust,” says Jeremy Casdagli, the Founder and Co-Owner of Casdagli Cigars


Our collaboration has enabled Villa Casdagli to create THREE LE PETIT, with Casdagli’s design, as you can see below. The LE PETIT Villa Casdagli I, the LE PETIT Villa Casdagli II and the Peacock, a set of luminous and colourful accessories accompanying the launch of the new line of Casdagli Cigars “Villa Casdagli”


Boisdale 2022 x Les Fines Lames

It was an eventful night in London at the 2022 Boisdale Cigar Smoker of the year dinner, where the who’s who of the British cigar industry gathers every year. The black-tie event is held annually and celebrates iconic cigars, cigar sommeliers, producers, writers and smokers from around the world.

In the past, the Boisdale dinner reunited stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Charlie Sheen, Kelsey Grammer or James Cosmo. This year, cigar lover and actor Oris Erhuero won the Spectator Cigar Smoker award, coming with a Special Boisdale Gold LE PETIT. 

Les Fines Lames found its special place in the hearts of London's finest cigar smokers. For the special event, we collaborated with Boisdale to produce an exclusive Boisdale 2022 Punch Bracelet. Each member of the special night was offered the bracelet with a special charm, specially designed for the occasion. 

A Punch Bracelet that you can now only find at the Boisdale Cigar Lounge of London! 

ProCigar Festival x Les Fines Lames


Attending ProCigar is like stepping into a world of magic.

A world where you are surrounded by some of the most talented and passionate cigar makers in the world. The 5-day festival brings together the country's best to celebrate the passion, tradition and commitment to the Dominican Tobacco Industry. La Tabacalera de García, PDR, Quesada cigars, La Flor Dominicana, Arturo Fuente, Davidoff, General Cigar, Tabacalera Palma, Carrillo, De Los Reyes, Arnold André…

The doors were open and the tobacco magicians were all eager to share their art with an audience of lucky aficionados. Imagine walking through the tobacco fields under the Dominican sun, cigar in hand, gathering knowledge from those who create the best.

Being here reminds us of the seriousness of this industry, and the sincerity with which cigar makers ply their craft. It reveals the hard work that goes into each of the “400 steps” of making a cigar. Behind each smoke is a skilled hand, a keen eye, and a deep knowledge of tobacco. At ProCigar, they become friends with whom to share a cigar. 

ProCigar Festival website



Les Fines Lames, proud sponsor of the ProCigar Festival

Last year, we were invited as spectators, but this year, Les Fines Lames was a Platinium sponsor of the event. Each participant was given a very exclusive ProCigar Punch Bracelet. It's always a great pleasure to see aficionados using our products, so to see 450 of them at once was a delightful sight for us!

In a Festival celebrating the art of cigar making, Les Fines Lames found its natural place to provide The Last Step of the cigar's journey! For this special occasion, we customized the Punch Bracelet to make it one of a kind, with a specially designed ProCigar charm.

A Procigar special Edition by Les Fines Lames that all participants were able to take home with their precious Dominican Cigars. To keep a useful and fashionable "souvenir" that pairs so well with Dominican cigars they got.

CSWC x Les Fines Lames : Cigar Smoking World Championship


“Is CSWC the craziest challenge in the cigar world?”For us at Les Fines Lames, the answer is yes, definitely yes.  

If you like to take your sweet time to enjoy your cigar and it sometimes take you more than 3 hours to smoke it, you should definitely represent your country at the CSWC qualification!

Founded 12 years ago in Split, Croatia, by our good friend Marko Bilić from Club Mareva, the CSWC is a global competition in the "slow smoking" of cigars. But not only. 

"The Cigar Smoking World Championship is much more than just a competition. It is the perfect tool to wake up so many emotions in every cigar enthusiast through the medium of friendly competition." said Marko Bilić, the organizer and creator of the global event.

The main rule is simple: finish your CSWC cigar last, without dropping the ash within the first 40 minutes or burning the band as you approach the end. Do this and you win the competition. Through more than 50 qualification events, hundreds of aficionados compete each year in 40 countries to win a place to the CSWC finale, in Split, Croatia.

As long-time partner of the competition, LES FINES LAMES is offering Special CSWC Editions of LE PETIT in Red to all the qualification winners, and a very special blue version made exclusively for the winner! Of course, we also offer to participants and organizers other iconic Les Fines Lames products like the black hat or the Punch Bracelets.

Camus Cognac x Les Fines Lames


Because a Made in France Cognac and a Made in France cigar-cutter make so much sense together, discover the first collaboration between Camus and Les Fines Lames.

Two French brands that honor the French “savoir-faire” and the country’s rich cultural heritage.

Camus is the last international Cognac house, still family owned and entirely Made in France -just like us. Of course, Cognac is a very popular elixir for all cigar smokers, us included, especially if it’s a Camus!

Made in Thiers, our cigar-cutter LE PETIT honors the six hundred year old tradition of cutlery. The heritage and experience of Thiers cutlers is what makes LE PETIT so performant, even through the years.

It is on the basis of this passion for Cognac that we have launched LE PETIT - Barrel Series – Cognac. A LE PETIT cigar-cutter made from Cognac barrels, with an engraved blade featuring the French vineyards.

Filled with history and fragrance, you can still smell the Cognac when you open the box. And it’s the maturation of the cognac that gives the wood those natural reflections, making each knife unique.

As a digital native brand, we at Les Fines Lames surely developed an expertise in social media and influencers campaigns. A service that we gladly offer tor brands. In this case, we collaborated with Camus, by creating an influencer campaign, mixing Camus Cognac and the LE PETIT – Barrel Series – Cognac!

Some influencers of the “LFL Family” as we like to call them, had the pleasure to participate to this common campaign, mixing a Camus bottle and a LE PETIT – Barrel Series. This beautiful story ended up with a successful Instagram campaign, which generated a lot of attraction around the knife and 

Camus’ new “Île de Ré” and the “XO” cognac. An already existing natural synergy between cigars and cognacs, that we extended on Instagram with great results and great contents for both brands.

Havana Club x Les Fines Lames


When you think of cigars, you might think directly of Cuba. And what alcohol is more reminiscent of Cuba than Havana rum? (This being a text, we don’t expect an answer, but only assume you agree with us!)

Legendary Cuban rum meets iconic cigar cutter. Meet the collaboration between Havana Club and Les Fines Lames: LE PETIT Havana Club Limited Edition at 120.

The handle of LE PETIT Havana Club Limited Edition cutter is made from the staves of the actual oak barrels used to age Havana Club rum in their famous distillery in San Jose de las Lajas, Cuba. Cut into smaller pieces and made into handles, each knife has subtle differences as each piece of the oak has retained the memory of the Cuban rum in its own way.

Finely engraved on the blade lies the pattern, which was inspired by the Art Deco movement, symbolising the style which permeated throughout the city of Havana in the 1930s. The pattern, containing subtle references to the H and the I of Havana Club Icónica Collection, epitomises the Art Deco expressions still evident in Havana today, which were created by the skilled Cuban architects and designers of the time.

Finally, the emblem of the city of Havana which resonates with the identity of Havana Club, the Giraldilla, is printed on the handle.

Putting at profit our expertise in social media and influencers campaigns. We launched a special Havana campaign during the 2020 Spring, generating a lot of attraction around the collaboration. An already existing natural synergy between cigars and Havana rum, that we extended on Instagram with great results and great contents for both brands.