Punching cigars with the fashionable PUNCH BRACELET

  • The first wearable cigar accessory
  • Perfect cut thanks to the praised 316L stainless steel blade
  • The only cigar cutter to pass airline security checks

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The Onyx gemstone helps to focus on the essentials: gaining confidence, facilitating communication and speech.⁠


The box includes your PUNCH BRACELET and a cleaning tool to take the cigar bit off your punch, every 5-6 punched cigars.


How can I travel with a cigar cutter in my pocket ?

Chose the Punch Bracelet! Why? Because no security checks would take your bracelet off. For reasons beyond our control, it’s legally forbidden to travel with a single or double blade cutter in your carry-on baggage, or on yourself. But you can put your cigar knife in the checked baggage wherever you go on this planet. And don't forget to remove your torch lighter!

Can you deliver to my country ?

We've delivered to the most unlikely places. From the Pacific Islands to the mountains of India. Our partner DHL EXPRESS delivers to almost every country in the world. If you're lucky, you could even benefit from free shipping! So don't hesitate to order, you’ll soon receive the yellow parcel. See you soon!


Punch material: 316L Stainless Steel

Punch diameter: 7mm

Bracelet length: 15cm to 21cm

Beads size: 10mm

Beads type: Onyx

Color: Black